Important Notice: there will be no YFJ program in 2017.
What follows is the official statement from the ASI president:

Dear Friends,

What a blessing the Youth for Jesus (YFJ) program has brought to many young people as well as to the communities where the programs have been conducted.  There will be many souls in the Kingdom due to the work of the youth.

YFJ is looking forward to what the Lord will continue to do as we work together for His glory.  The YFJ leadership team has decided to take this year as an opportunity to pray and plan together about how to structure the program to have even greater impact.

In light of this there will be no YFJ program in 2017, but instead the leadership team will working to get further ahead in planning for our next YFJ program which will be held in Orlando Florida in conjunction with the ASI National convention there in 2018.

Please join us in praying for the great work that God is planning to do in Orlando in 2018. 

May the Lord richly bless you and your family.

Steve Dickman

President, ASI

Kyle Allen

Secretary/Treasurer, ASI

ASI Youth for Jesus is an innovative, exciting, youth-led evangelistic program held in a different US city every summer. It is a life-changing experience for the youth and the people they reach.  We just completed an amazing, power-packed month learning, working, and serving in Summerville, WV.

To see more of what YFJers do during the month-long program, check out our YFJ Program page.