To apply for YFJ, please fill out the form below.  The form includes paying a $100 application fee.  Once you have been accepted, the application fee is non-refundable.

YFJ costs $700 per applicant.  You pay a $100 application fee when you fill out the application and $600 if you are accepted.  This is due by March 30.  If you’re not accepted, we’ll refund the application fee.

We also require a notarized medical release form from your parents or legal guardian. (download form)  This also has to be mailed in by May 30 to Wilbur Atwood:

Wilbur Atwood
435 Lifestyle Lane
Wildwood, GA 30757

Phone: 423-227-3404

YFJ Application Form

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Please list at least two committed Christians other than family members that we can contact for references.


Food allergies, insect allergies, medication allergies, etc.

Other Information

Why do you desire to attend Youth for Jesus? (Enter the letters that apply in order of priority.)

  1. Want to make new friends
  2. Want to get away for the summer
  3. Want to boost my walk with the Lord
  4. My parents are filling this application and making me come 🙂

Participation Guidelines

Youth for Jesus is an exciting adventure, winning souls for God. Should you be accepted into Youth for Jesus this year, please pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare your heart and ours so we can work together in fullfilling the commission of Jesus. Below
are some guidelines to making your experience a success:

Maximum Attraction:

We have many activities and programs planned to attract people to Jesus. Much time will be spent visiting, studying and worshiping with new friends. In order to point people to Jesus and not ourselves, we encourage you to dress in clean, modest clothing.
As you pack, please keep in mind the goal of bringing others’ attention to Jesus. We realize it will be hot at times, so do bring appropriate attire that will allow you to be as cool as possible, yet be modest.

Outreach and meeting clothes: should be casual dress: khakis and collared shirt for young men; and for young ladies, skirts or casual dresses which come below the knee. Please avoid wearing sleeveless and tight fitting clothing
(i.e. tight, formfitting pants and shorts), no crop tops, tube tops/dresses or low necklines. You will be on your feet for extended periods of time, so bring comfortable shoes to wear with your program dress. NO JEWELRY or nail polish
of any type at any time.

For Sabbath programs: Young men, please wear dress pants with shirt and tie (jacket optional). Young ladies, please wear attractive church-appropriate dresses or skirts with the above guidelines.

Community Service Project: As time permits, it is our plan to assist the community with practical needs: i.e. building repair, cleaning, painting, landscaping, etc. Bring modest work clothes that will allow you to be comfortable
while you work.

Recreation: There may be time for cycling, rollerblading, or swimming! While we have not scheduled these activities into the program, they may surface during free time. Swimwear for young ladies will be board shorts
and a t-shirt; and for young men, board shorts-style swim trunks and a t-shirt. Although knives and other weapons can be useful at times, we ask that you leave them at home for this program.

Minimum Distraction:

There will be a lot going on and we’ll need your full attention, energy and participation. To keep your focus on God and minimize distractions we ask you to leave all your electronic devices at home – headphones, laptops, iPads, iPods/mp3 Players, etc.
Because of the extreme demands put on students to master techniques of soul-winning and evangelism, we ask you to put all special or dating relationships “on the back burner” for the weeks you will participate in the ASI Youth For Jesus program.

Phones: We ask that you bring a prepaid phone. No Smartphones allowed.


In order to best model the “more abundant” lifestyle God has given us to share, and so that we can be at our best for God, a vegan diet is served for all meals with the program, and we ask that you do not use caffeinated beverages.

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Application Fee: $100